Hello world!

Welcome to my first public blog.  Twenty years ago, one of my best friends and I were at a graduation party discussing the sausage sandwich he was making.  I told him to go with “half hot, half mild.”  As he pulled a few sausages off of the grill, he said that advice would be a great name for “our show” because his views tended to be mainstream and acceptable to most (mild) while mine tended to be emotional and polarizing (hot).  Risk-takers that we were not, I went into a career as a CPA and he signed a lifetime contract to write computer programs for Big Blue.

So much for our big-time, path-breaking radio show.  Not developing that show was the first of 1,000,000 mistakes I made that led to me being 41, alone and career-less (a modern-day George Costanza, whom I am quite sure Larry David didn’t intend to be a role model for American youth).  This blog is my chance to go back in time, before any of those million mistakes, and share “half hot, half mild” viewpoints with an audience whose size will likely be closer to zero than any other number.

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